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Required Course


Introduction to History

World History

Chinese History

Introduction to Physical Geography

Introduction to Human Geography

History  of  Taiwan

Research Methods in History

Introduction to Historical Geography

Cartography and Practice


Research Methods in Geography

Seminar / Practice



Elective Course

History of Ancient China

History of Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties

History of the Sui and Tang Dynasties

History of Modern China

History of the Qin-Han Period

Cultural History of current Taiwan

History of Regional Development of Taiwan

History of the Ethnic Groups on Taiwan

Folk life, History and culture

History of Medieval Europe

Modern History of the West

The Process of Civilization

History of the Early Modern World

Ancient History of the West

Studies in Taiwan Historiography

Historical Document Study

Selected Readings on Shiji

History of Western Historiography

History of Chinese Historiography

Selected Classics of Chinese Culture

Selected Readings in Western Classics

Selected Readings of Historical Famous Books

History of Chinese Economics

History of the United States

Auto/biography Study

History of Chinese Currency

Issue of Minority and Multiculture

Visual History and Public History

Analysis of Historical Characters


Geography of Population

Quantitative Analysis in  Geography

Social Geography


History of Geographical Thoughts


Remote Sensing and Practice

Geography Informational System

Spatial Analysis

Case study on Population Geography

Geography of Local Education

Economic Geography

Computer Geographical Graphics

Political Geography

New Regional Geography

Behavior Geography

Industry Geography

Cultural Geography

Applied Geography

Introductory Readings: Historical Geography

Travel and History

Chinese Historical Geography

Historical Geography of Taiwan


Selected Readings on New Documentation in History

Archeology and Historical Relics

History of Ethnic Minority in China

History of Science and Technology in China

History of Chinese Politics

Climatology of the World

Geography of Taiwan

Geography of China


Geological Landscape and Conservation in Taiwan

Urban Geography

Geographic Information Processing

Digital Image Processing and Application

Computer-Aided Geographic Teaching

Historical-Site Investigate and Reuse

Oral History

Multimedia Producing for Geographic Teaching

Guide Touring and Presentation

Geography of Tourism

Outdoor Activity Design and Practice

Environmental Education

Introduction to Cultural Assets

History of Chinese Culture

History of Western Culture

World Civilizations