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The 2020 Academic Seminar on History and Geography in University of Taipei

In order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of the master of history, Chien Mu, the 2020 Academic Seminar on History and Geography in University of Taipei not only carries on with the prominent conventional themes on history, geography and society, but also invites the papers written by the domestic and foreign scholars and experts in memory of Mr. Chien 's outstanding contributions to historiography and Chinese studies. Mr. Chien was the academician of the Academia Sinica, also known as a celebrated historian, educator, and thinker. Sushulou, the former residence of Mr. Chien, was the place in which he delivered lectures and nurtured countless talents in historiography. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Taipei City Government has trusted the former residence of Mr. Chien to the Department of History and Geography in the University of Taipei since 2011. To represent the grand occasion of how Sushulou Auditorium acted as a pillar of the traditional Chinese culture, lectures related to history and traditional culture have been delivered there for the general public in these years. This year, Mr. Chien 's academic research is one of the themes of the seminar with a view to expounding his magnificent and profound thoughts.

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Academic Seminar on History and Geography will not be held physically, but the 17 essays will be collected and published as a book. These essays are the significant efforts of the scholars with the elevated academic value for future research and academic reference. 

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