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Department of History and Geography

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Department History



The Department of History and Geography was founded in 1987, before which it was known as the Department of Social Studies Education when it was focused on the education of social studies teachers at the elementary level. Our department possesses a great tradition and excellence in study, and ever since its founding, our teachers have maintained its tradition of giving both moral and intellectual knowledge, and producing excellent social studies teachers at the elementary level as well as professionals for other fields. The department has undergone occasional reforms in its structure and scope in response to changes in the faculty, enrollment, and academic research. A Native Education Center was established in 1993, which was responsible for social service and research in native education. Then, from 2000 till 2001, our department was the first normal institution in the nation to found a nighttime educational master’s degree program and a daytime master’s program, opening up a new era in the research of social studies education for our school. In 2008 the Ministry of Education gave its approval to the department for the addition of a master’s degree program in the teaching of social studies.

From our inception, our department heads and faculty have been unstinting in their efforts that have led to the flourishing of the department. Such efforts have led to a spectacular showing for all our events, and a similarly high level of success has been seen in our teacher-student education events and our innovation in research. Our department passed evaluation in both 2007 and 2012, and has gained recognition for our successes from both academia and society.